Picture of a baby sleeping

The Beginning

0 – 2 years is a time when your baby will go through a period of rapid change.

Right from day one, babies are social creatures, ready to interact and communicate with us.

At birth, we have around 100 billion brain cells, largely unconnected, not networked. Synapses are produced at a rate of 1.8 million per second between 2 months and two years. 

How we interact with our baby therefore has a huge impact on the way in which their brain develops and therefore whether they experience the world from a calm, secure place or whether they have a heightened stress response.

It is important that we learn to attune with our baby in order to be able to read their communication with us so that we can soothe them effectively and develop a strong attachment bond.

This bond is created by us being present and available for our children and in our calm, open state ourselves (hence the importance of self-care practices in this approach).

“Natural” parenting practices support this process, for example skin on skin contact, breastfeeding and eye contact promote the production of oxytocin, the hormone which is released when you are in love. This not only facilitates bonding, but can also make us feel blissful, counteracting some of the risk of postnatal depression.

There is strong evidence that securely attached infants are likely to become calm, confident adults.

The bond you create with your child remains the most important element throughout your parenting journey. 

During the coaching program, we will look in more detail at:

– how parenting helps shape your baby’s brain
– teach you how to attune with your child to effectively meet their needs
– learn about natural parenting strategies
– create a lifestyle plan to fit you and your baby’s needs

The support we provide includes: