How I can help

Divorce and separation can be tough. Find out how to support your children through it with compassion and care. I offer a safe and supportive space for you to process your feelings about the relationship breakdown so that you are ready to create a new life with your child/children.

It is natural to have worries and questions about introducing a new partner. I can help you to place your child’s wellbeing at the heart of this transition.

Parenting is hard and children don’t come with a manual. Parents often come to me because their child is struggling with meltdowns, having a hard time fitting in at school, hitting or struggling around anxiety or food.

Whatever you are going through I can teach you the skills to support your child more effectively. 

The transition from childhood to adolescence can feel monumental! With all of the physiological changes, new drives and impulses and added life pressures it can be easy for parents to feel afraid of losing connection with their teen.

I offer tips and tools to stay engaged and in tune with their teenager while giving them the space they need to find themselves.

Parent and child's hands holding a heart - representing Parent Coaching in Bristol

Some helpful hints and tips on a range of topics related to family life.

Advice to help you understand your child better, communicate so that they listen and find solutions to tricky situations. 

Topics include sleep, emotional regulation, conflict and screen use.