Mother and daughter making a scrapbook

Self Care

Expecting your first child marks the beginning of a huge life transition. Preparing emotionally for this is just as important as preparing on a practical level. 

There are likely to be many things you are excited about in welcoming your baby into the world, all the special and amazing moments you are going to share together. It is also highly likely that there will be a sense of loss around the life you are leaving behind. From now on, you will be responsible for the life of another human being.

In the course, we will help you to process this change, if you truly feel the sadness and let go of your old life, you will be abundantly ready to joyfully welcome your gorgeous little one.

We want you to know…… you are important, you are precious. It is important that you plan a self-care routine which will change and evolve as your child grows. During the first six weeks after the birth, you may only have time for one thing a day separate from the baby, be sure that it is something which feeds your soul.

It is easy for caring for your self to slip down the priority list as the demands of family life increase. Sometimes you might have to make difficult choices like whether to have a clean floor or half an hour of caring for yourself by reading a novel. If we start to let caring for ourselves become unimportant, it can begin a downward spiral. It can lower our ability to deal with stress, making it more likely for us to snap at our children. It could possibly lead even further into a depressed state, where we find it hard to be present with our children, threatening the vital bond we have created with them.

We would like to offer ongoing support for you to care for yourself, so that you can care for your child, even if that feels like a radical act! Be a self-care rebel!

We will also delve into your own childhood as part of this process. When did you learn not to take your own needs seriously? What is the child within you still longing for? What would you love to recreate/do differently from your own childhood?