Coaching for parents-to-be

Parents-to-be holding ultrasound scan. New parents coaching and support.

Becoming a parent is possibly the most challenging things you will ever do but also the most rewarding. Your baby’s brain is rapidly developing during the first 18 months of life and the way we interact with them lays the foundation for their future. I can help parents-to-be and new parents understand how to support healthy development using the latest research.

£250 per couple for a bespoke three hour session in your home to help you plan for the family life you would love. I am based in South West England.

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Mother holding baby. Coaching for parents-to-be and new parents.

“It’s extremely eye-opening and enriching the pregnancy for me, because it’s a chance to really delve into the process of myself becoming a parent. It’s really helping me shape my thoughts into becoming ready for the baby and for myself! I really appreciate your words and approach.”
Hannah Kells  

The support I offer includes:

I use my personal story and background as a circus performer to inspire you to find the courage and emotional resilience you need to thrive in your new role. I am a solo parent, a qualified Steiner teacher and is a post graduate researcher in education as well as a qualified parenting coach.

My book

If you are eager to prepare for your parenting journey but don't feel ready for one to one support, I have written a book to guide you step by step through that process.
Spirited: A creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting

The Beginning

Picture of a baby sleeping

Expecting your first child marks the beginning of a huge life transition. Preparing emotionally for this is just as important as preparing on a practical level. 

There are likely to be many things you are excited about in welcoming your baby into the world, all the special and amazing moments you are going to share together. It is also highly likely that there will be a sense of loss around the life you are leaving behind. From now on, you will be responsible for the life of another human being.

In the session I will help you to process this change, if you truly feel the sadness and let go of your old life, you will be abundantly ready to joyfully welcome your gorgeous little one. We will also delve into your own childhood as part of this process.  What would you love to recreate/do differently from your parents?

It is important that you plan a self-care routine which will change and evolve as your child grows. During the first six weeks after the birth, you may only have time for one thing a day separate from the baby, be sure that it is something which feeds your soul.

I can offer ongoing support throughout the first months and year’s of your baby’s life.

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