The Parenting Book

Nina’s new parenting book “Spirited: a creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting”.

“I present, in a digestible way, the latest neuroscientific information about how to raise confident children and have a well balanced family life. Guiding parents-to-be, through a step by step process which is fun and engaging.” Nina

Testimonials: “You have a unique voice, I am glad you have found it”, Sue Gerhardt, author of Why Love Matters.

“It’s extremely eye-opening and enriching the pregnancy for me, because it’s a chance to really delve into the process of myself becoming a parent. It’s really helping me shape my thoughts into becoming ready for the baby and for myself! I really appreciate your words and approach.” Hannah Kells

Parenting Book - Spirited - by Nina

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A lot of people struggle with making the transition into parenthood: I wanted to offer something to help people to find the resilience and support they need to enjoy the parenting journey. If the themes in this parenting book resonate, reach out to or book a free call here.

Parent and child's hands holding a heart - representing Parent Coaching in Bristol

Some helpful hints and tips on a range of topics related to family life.

Advice to help you understand your child better, communicate so that they listen and find solutions to tricky situations. 

An insight into how my parent coaching covers lots of different areas of support. Topics include sleep, emotional regulation, conflict and screen use.