Parent Reviews

Father of 6 and 8 year old

At the point I started parenting coaching with Nina I thought I was doing ‘OK’ as a father. There were, however, some points where conflict kept coming up, such as at bedtimes. I’d say things that were just mean, things I didn’t really believe but would just come flying out. The rest of the evening would involve a fair amount of self-loathing and the following day would start with apologies.

Nina’s kindness, curiosity, and unique way of thinking about things, helped me challenge the statements I was making. 

A real eye-opening session involved learning to view situations and actions through my children’s eyes. This helped me to change and empathise. Switching my viewpoint allowed situations to evolve into an opportunity for connection, rather than escalate into more anger and tears. 

Nina was pivotal to my journey. Through effective questions, coming from a place of love and kindness, of genuinely wanting to help you improve your relationships, Nina transformed my relationships with my family! And bedtimes are much calmer now too!


Mother of 17 and 14 year olds

I am lucky enough to have been the recipient of Nina’s family coaching and  can honestly say that my relationship with my kids( in particular my lovely, but emotionally charged 17 year old daughter) has improved massively.

teen and parent

Mother of 5 and 7 year olds

I am so grateful for Nina’s support through coaching me this year – she and I came together during a very difficult time; my dad was dying, we had emerged, fragile, from the Covid pandemic, and my mental health and parenting was suffering badly as a result. If I hadn’t had her guiding hand and insightful support during these months, I think my family would be in a deep downward spiral that I’m not sure I would have known how to climb us out of. 

I gained so much from the experience – most of all, love. Her support and space-holding gave me the sense of safety to begin to unpick my own triggers and traumas, helping me to show up in a way I had once known but had lost touch with, for my gorgeous children. Everything I brought to Nina as a ‘behavioural problem’ from my interactions at home was generously reframed as entirely normal, which simply invited more space, love and support from me, in order to help my kids develop a deeper sense of connection. It was such a gift. 

Mother of 3 and 6 year olds

Working with Nina has been nothing short of mindblowing. I understand myself, manage tricky parenting moments so much better, and most importantly have an even better relationship with my kids.