One-to-one coaching

Mother and child - one to one parenting coaching

Imperfectly Perfect

The fact that you are here shows how much you care about your child. Making it here and reaching out for support takes a lot of courage and deserves to be celebrated!

With one to one parenting coaching, I will support you to go beyond the surface of the challenges you are facing in order to create lasting change for you and your child.

My parenting coaching helps you:

One to one parenting coaching

Becoming a parent is possibly the most challenging thing you will ever do but also the most rewarding. Your baby’s brain is rapidly developing during the first 18 months of life and the way we interact with them lays the foundation for their future. 

I can help you understand how to support healthy development using the latest research.

Parenting is hard and children don’t come with a manual. Parents often come to me because their child is struggling with meltdowns, having a hard time fitting in at school, hitting or struggling around anxiety or food.

Whatever you are going through my parenting coaching can teach you the skills to support your child more effectively. 

The transition from childhood to adolescence can feel monumental! With all of the physiological changes, new drives and impulses and added life pressures it can be easy for parents to feel afraid of losing connection with their teen.

I offer tips and tools to stay engaged and in tune with their teenager while giving them the space needed to find themselves.

Happy children racing

Find out more about my affordable four-week online parenting course, which covers a range of topics, including regulating emotions, peaceful communication, setting boundaries, using play in parenting, development stages and intention-setting.

Divorce and separation

Divorce and separation can be tough. Find out how to support your children through it with compassion and care. I offer a safe and supportive space for you to process your feelings about the relationship breakdown so that you are ready to create a new life with your child/children.

It is natural to have worries and questions about introducing a new partner. I can help you to place your child’s wellbeing at the heart of this transition with personalised parenting coaching.

Good Enough Parenting

Adult and child in embrace

An important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be perfect…. Just good enough!

Good enough parenting means letting your children know that they are safe, seen and loved unconditionally. The rest we can figure out as we go. Life isn’t perfect and when we show up as our real, sometimes fabulous, more often than not messy, selves we have an opportunity to role model for our children how to repair and recover from tricky moments and challenges.

I will support you to figure out how to do good enough well! To uncover what is really important to you as a parent and which beliefs might really belong to your mum or Aunty Joan and can actually be left aside.

Parenting Support

I can support you with the practical problems of parenting, for example, making mornings, bedtimes and mealtimes easier, handling your moody teen or what to do about bedwetting or anything that might be causing struggle. I can also support you to take a deeper look at your own upbringing and heal the hurts which you might still be carrying. These can sometimes get in the way of us being able to be compassionately present with our children.

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