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Would you like to engage with your child about yours and their screen time use? Access my free screen time workbook download to get the discussion started.

Siblings not engaging with each other whilst watching screens - free screen time workbook - Parent Coaching in Bristol by Nina Bambrey
6 children looking at screens whilst outside

Tech worries

Studies show children find it hard to regulate their own screen use – some young people who’s parents didn’t limit screens played video games for around 80 hours per week.

Few children are playing outside – only 27% of children now play out close to where they live compared to 80% in 1970.

Mum and child watching screens on sofa

Dopamine vs Serotonin

Dopamine is a brain chemical. It is released when we do something which gives us pleasure like eating chocolate, getting points in a video game or seeing people have liked our social media post. It gives us a nice, excited feeling.

Over time we have to do these things more and more in order to release the same amount of dopamine as we did when we first received a few likes, or points or bit of chocolate. These mean we want to do these things more and more…

Serotonin is also a brain chemical. When we have a nice amount of it we have a general feeling of well being. Serotonin builds slowly over time when we do things which are good for us like exercise, building friendships, learning a new skill or helping your community.

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