Corporate parenting workshops

Person in suit holding light bulb representing - Corporate Parenting Workshops

Increase long term productivity for parents and caregivers.

Learn how having more attuned, rewarding, relationships at home and work is linked to greater neural integration. Research by Dr. Dan Siegel shows how this leads to good mental health and improved cognitive function.

The workshop has been compiled by postgraduate researcher Nina Bambrey who’s work highlights an understanding of humans as fundamentally social creatures; “in order to flourish in a work environment we need to experience a sense of safety and belonging in all areas of our life”.

Working parents tend to be under higher levels of pressure and have limited leisure time making it harder for them to focus on and engage with tasks. Our session gives working parents an opportunity to rest and revive while learning the best, scientifically researched, strategies to avoid burnout. Improving relationships with their children and finding ways to maintain a state of calm are key elements; recognising the transferable skills which come from parenting and celebrating this. Work by Professor Stephen Porges shows how we function optimally when our nervous systems are calm and well regulated. 

Corporate Parenting Workshops

Tailored to suit the needs of your team, we offer support for parents at every stage whether navigating the transition into parenthood or meeting their child’s changing needs. We can help them to find joy and ease in their relationships with their children so they can feel energised and refreshed at work, performing at their best. 

Your staff will learn – 

  • The basics of neuroscience and child development
  • How to have high quality interactions with their children
  • Sensory calming tools for them and their child
  • To integrate and value their identity as worker and parent