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Children and Toddlers

Your well being is key to your child’s well being.

Take a deeper look at ways to support this and overcome self sabotage as you parent children and toddlers.

Coaching for parents of Children or Toddlers

Parenting is hard and children and toddlers don’t come with a manual. Parents often come to me because their child is struggling with meltdowns, having a hard time fitting in at school, hitting or struggling around anxiety or food.

Whatever you are going through I can teach you the skills to support your child more effectively. Learning tools around emotional regulation, better boundaries, communication which encourages collaboration.

Your well being is key to your child’s well being and we will take a deeper look at ways to support this and overcome self sabotage.

Children and Toddlers

Coaching Packages

Single Coaching Session

1hour long session
£ 60
  • Perfect if you would like immediate support or would like to find out if parenting coaching is right for you. Over the course of the coaching session we will find clarity around the struggle you are facing and look at ways to overcome it. You may decide you need some ongoing guidance as you practise and implement new strategies as this can take time. I am happy to offer this on a session by session basis.

Ultimate Parenting Success

12 one to one sessions plus support inbetween
£ 720
  • An investment in your’s and your children’s future. The transformation package offers an opportunity to take a deeper look at family life. Sometimes the root causes of family struggles lie within our own upbringing and resolving our own unmet childhood needs can create positive changes in the present.
  • I will support you to learn some new skills such as how to talk so your children will listen, how to incorporate play into daily life to strengthen your relationships. We will also look at how to set boundaries in line with your values as a family and how these might change as your child grows.
  • The starting point for our work together will be creating a vision of the family life you would love.

Deep Dive into Whole Family Thriving

12 one to one sessions plus 6 in person observation sessions
£ 1200
  • A chance to go deeper. Creating a family culture which supports thriving is the most important investment you will ever make.
  • Sometimes when you are immersed in a situation it can be difficult to find a way out and things can start to feel hopeless. My expertise will allow you a fresh and more hopeful perspective.
  • The course of sessions provides the opportunity to delve into the parts of family life which cause consistent struggle. I will support you to find personalised solutions to free you from anxiety and conflict. Parenting with less stress and without the need for punishments.
  • Together we will craft an environment which supports the growth of confident, resilient children. Helping you to support your family to thrive.

Why choose Parenting Coaching?

Support your child

Support your child to regulate their emotions as they develop

Care for yourself

Regulate your own nervous system

Build confidence

Raise confident and emotionally intelligent children

Enjoy parenting

Find more humour and play in the everyday


Working with Nina has been nothing short of mindblowing. I understand myself, manage tricky parenting moments so much better, and most importantly have an even better relationship with my kids. I feel very grateful to have worked with her and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Mother of 3 and 6 year-olds
I gained so much from the experience - most of all, love. Her support and space-holding gave me the sense of safety to begin to unpick my own triggers and traumas, helping me to show up in a way I had once known but had lost touch with, for my gorgeous children.
Mother of 5 and 7 year-olds

Children and Toddlers

Parent Coaching FAQ

Parenting coaching is an opportunity for you to have a deeper look at your relationship with your children. Through getting to the root of your struggles I can help you to overcome limiting beliefs and learn to thrive alongside your child. 

Coaching can help you to build a strong relationship with your child offering them the foundations for resilience and good mental health throughout their life. The benefits can affect not only you and your child but also future generations.

I offer a safe space where you can talk about struggles which have come up during the week with your child/children. It is an opportunity for you to be deeply listened to without judgement. Through this process of sharing and reflection I can support you to overcome the struggles you are facing. Ongoing practice and support are key to your success in achieving the family life you long for. I will be there for you on a weekly basis.

Sessions are usually done via video call, I will send you a unique link when you book.

I recommend a minimum of twelve sessions. The work we do together is supporting you to establish new ways of being. This takes time and consistent effort, especially when the old patterns have been around for a long time. Twelve weekly coaching calls allows time for me to understand your family and circumstances and find strategies which work for you. It also gives you time to practise and develop the skills needed to create the family life you love.

I work with parents of children at all ages and stages, from those expecting their first child to grandparents. You don’t need to be at a crisis point in order to reach out, parenting is hard and all parents deserve support. I can help with a broad range of challenges including meltdowns, anxiety, sleep, tricky mornings and bedtimes, screen use and painful communication. People often reach out for support when they are going through a major life event such as bereavement, divorce or separation.

The sessions are a safe space for you to share and be understood. I encourage you to go at your own pace. It takes time to build trust and I will meet you wherever you are. Not everybody wants to talk about the past. The tools and strategies I offer are valuable regardless.

Children don’t need to be fixed they just need to be found. Working with me can help you to attune to your child. Understanding their feelings and needs means that you will be able to support them more effectively. By understanding yourself you can role model healthy behaviours and develop a closer, more trusting relationship with your child.

I can help with a broad range of challenges including meltdowns, anxiety, sleep, tricky mornings and bedtimes, screen use and painful communication. People often reach out for support when they are going through a major life event such as bereavement, divorce or separation.

I offer concessions for those on low incomes, please ask if this is a concern. I’m sure we can work something out.

Parent and child's hands holding a heart - representing Parent Coaching in Bristol

Some helpful hints and tips on a range of topics related to family life.

Advice to help you understand your child better, communicate so that they listen and find solutions to tricky situations. 

Topics include sleep, emotional regulation, conflict and screen use.

Get support with your journey into parenting today