Parenting Advice

Diving in deeper!

Of course I have high expectations of myself, I’m an aerialist! Sometimes if I let myself slide off balance by burdening myself with too much responsibility this can turn into an inner punitive voice. Now that I can understand this clearly I hope that things are beginning to change. When […]

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Life Optimisation for Parents

I am exploring the idea that part of what I am offering is life optimisation for parents. Time suddenly becomes an even more precious resource with a child in the mix.  I have spent quite a lot of time over the last decade striving to make my life work. A […]

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Flourishing together

I have been having some interesting conversations with a friend during occasional coffee meet ups where we talk about mysticism and philosophy. From these discussions the idea arose that this kind of desire for status arises as a result of a perceived threat to our survival, perhaps left over from […]

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Parenting as inspired improv!

Care for yourself to care for your child Planning the curriculum for my preparation for parenting course is requiring all of my passion & skill! It is definitely putting me in that flow place which exists on the edge of my comfort zone. The intensity of the responsibility of wanting […]

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The art of extreme selfcare!

Parent confessional – last night’s dinner was tuna mayonnaise, boiled broccoli and corn on the cob and this isn’t unusual for us! On the plus side Seb and I had a wonderful day together, laughing chatting, being curious about things at the science museum in Bristol.. My proposal is that […]

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First “journey” starting today!

A new adventure! I’m excited and a little bit nervous to be stepping into the unknown! From next week on wards I’m going to be running courses called “Journey into Parenting” to prepare parents to be for the life changing adventure they are about to embark on. I recently had […]

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