July 2, 2024

Low Energy Games (for times when you are exhausted or ill)

There will be times, as a parent, when your child is full of energy but you are struggling to make it off the sofa. This could be because you are ill, exhausted or feeling low. If you are like me and have a chronic condition, energy levels can be unreliable. Don’t worry, you can still make memories and have high quality interactions without expending a lot of energy.

Low Energy Games for when you are exhausted or tired

Here are some ideas for games you can play with your child when you are feeling tired. Some of them I made up when my son was little, others are well known activities.

1. They are the Dog and you are the Owner

My son used to love this one. Ask your child to be a dog, throw an imaginary ball and ask them to fetch it. Ask them to do tricks, jump, sit up and beg etc.. reward them with some strokes and an enthusiastic “good dog!”.

2. The Sleeping Dragon Game

You are the dragon, your child is the treasure hunter. Lie on the sofa with a “treasure”, a toy of some sort. Your child has to try and steal it by tip-toeing across the room as quietly as possible. If you hear them open your eyes and growl, they have to go back across the room and start again.

3. Wizards

You have an imaginary magic wand and can cast a spell on your child, turning them into different things, a pig, a lamppost, a ballet dancer etc.. be as silly as you like.

Low Energy Games for when you are exhausted or tired

4. Bobbins

This is one me and son made up when he was little. Someone says “bobbins!”, the other says, “what’s the matter?” the first person gives a silly reason, usually in rhyme about what is wrong like, “I went to France and I lost my pants!” or, I could find a spoon then I got lost on the moon…

5. Blindfold Games

Take turns wearing a blind fold, the other person hands you an object and you have to guess what it is. If you are feeling brave you could use food and identify it via taste or smell. 

Low Energy Games for when you are exhausted or tired

6. Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of objects which they have to find from around the house, they can win a prize of some sort at the end (even if it’s just a biscuit wrapped up in some leftover birthday paper).

7. Make Shadow Animals 

Set up a lamp or torch behind a white sheet hung over a chair or laundry rack in a dark room. Use your hands/other objects to make interesting shapes or shadows. Ask your child to create a performance/tell a story.

Low Energy Games for when you are exhausted or tired

8. Indoor Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course using household objects, a table to crawl under, cushions which you have to jump over or hop on, a skipping rope balance bar.. Some children enjoy being times and trying to beat their best time.

These are just a few low energy games, feel free to message me with your or your children’s favourite low energy games. Younger children so readily inhabit their imaginations that sometimes just a little spark of input is all it takes!


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