October 9, 2019

First “journey” starting today!

A new adventure!

I’m excited and a little bit nervous to be stepping into the unknown! From next week on wards I’m going to be running courses called “Journey into Parenting” to prepare parents to be for the life changing adventure they are about to embark on. I recently had a sudden insight that running these courses are something I would want to do even if I wasn’t getting paid and in fact I had started writing it twice during the last few years – now the time has finally arrived!

I am really excited to be meeting my first group of new parents next week in joy a trepidation! My best hope is that can ease and soften the transition for them. It is easy to get distracted during pregnancy by things like what colour to paint the nursery or what kind of pram to buy when actually the baby’s material needs are very simple to begin with, you yourself are the perfect environment for them to feel warm, safe and loved, if you are a breastfeeding mother you even have the capacity to nourish their growing bodies.

Preparing for a big transition

I would therefore suggest that the environment which needs the most preparation is you! This might mean in part a process of letting go of the things you are loosing. Those things which go along with the freedom of not being responsible for another human life. It’s really ok to mourn for this loss and in fact doing so will allow you to be whole heartedly ready for the birth of your child. I cried pretty much every day while I was pregnant, I was so scared of stepping into the unknown then when my son was born, because I had fully let go of my old identity, I felt joyous and full of love.

It is so important that we are emotionally ready to receive our children into our lives because the early relationship we build with them lays the foundation for what is to come which is why I am so excited to be reaching people at this stage of the journey!I also want to help people to make a self care plan for early parenting, again creating a nurturing environment for your child includes one where you are also well cared for and call in more support than you think you need!

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