Be a boho mama!

The early part of your child’s life is one of joy and challenge. For me a saving grace was baby mornings at the Albany Centre. Several of us who were professional aerial performers would meet together twice a week to train and share childcare. This was a god send for […]

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Compassionate Parenting

My vision is to help you to begin creating a family culture which supports well being. We all exist in relationship to, not separate from our environment. In addition supporting you to take care of yourself emotionally I would like to offer some guidance on how to communicate in a […]

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Preparing for the unknowable

People often say to me “but you can’t prepare for becoming a parent” I think what they mean when they –  you can’t feel what it feels like to be a parent before becoming one. This I would agree with. But can you prepare for being a parent? For sure! […]

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Diving in deeper!

Of course I have high expectations of myself, I’m an aerialist! Sometimes if I let myself slide off balance by burdening myself with too much responsibility this can turn into an inner punitive voice. Now that I can understand this clearly I hope that things are beginning to change. When […]

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Life Optimisation for Parents

I am exploring the idea that part of what I am offering is life optimisation for parents. Time suddenly becomes an even more precious resource with a child in the mix.  I have spent quite a lot of time over the last decade striving to make my life work. A […]

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Flourishing together

I have been having some interesting conversations with a friend during occasional coffee meet ups where we talk about mysticism and philosophy. From these discussions the idea arose that this kind of desire for status arises as a result of a perceived threat to our survival, perhaps left over from […]

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