December 29, 2019

Be a boho mama!

The early part of your child’s life is one of joy and challenge. For me a saving grace was baby mornings at the Albany Centre. Several of us who were professional aerial performers would meet together twice a week to train and share childcare. This was a god send for so many reasons, it allowed me to stay connected to my pre birth identity, gave me a sense of purpose outside of childcare, facilitated creative expression and provided the flood of hormones that you get from physical exercise.

Start a group

I recommend that you find your own version of this by starting a group for new parents connected to one of your passions or finding a group in your area. Examples I have seen are creative writing groups for new mums, yoga, crafting, singing, dance, even stand up comedy. The key is finding an environment where babies and toddlers are welcome and included but you also feel seen as a whole human being rather than just a parent. It’s about finding a both and approach so that you can feel met without compromising the precious time you have with your child.

Two sets of needs

Your needs do not go away when you become a parent, in fact they can become more acute as you adjust to your new role and the intensity of being responsible for another human life. You deserve to receive the support we need during this time so that both you and your child can thrive. 


Here are some groups in the Bristol area which integrate the needs of both adults and infants:


Mothers who make – Meet ups fo Mums who are artists


Positive birth and parenting – Parent and baby yoga 


Aftermirth – Comedy clubs and workshops.


Mothership – Creative writing for new mums



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