Nina Bambrey

A Pathway to Mental Health for New Parents

I feel motivated to offer something to the world that people might not know that they need until they are already in the thick of their struggle. When feelings of overwhelm and confusion have built up exacerbated by the exhaustion caused by broken sleep. Your sense of self wavers as […]

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Tuning in deeply to your child

Having a baby is one of the biggest transitions you will ever go through. I want to help you prepare for this so that you can thrive alongside your child. Here is a link to more resources to help you to do this. Today I interviewed Jane West, a somatic […]

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Who we are is defined in relationship

I would like to explore more deeply this week the idea of attachment and attunement not only in adult/child relationships but in all human relationships. Do positive relationships, secure attachments and the ability to attune to others benefit us and help us to stay emotionally and physically well throughout our […]

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A Few Things Every New Parent Should Know

At birth we have around 100 billion brain cells, largely unconnected.  Synapses are produced at a rate of 1.8 million per second between 2 months and two  years. How we interact with our baby therefore has a huge impact on the way in which their  brain develops and whether they experience […]

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