Setting limits with compassion

When is it ok to set limits? The short answer is, when not doing so is likely to cause harm. Parenting can feel like a delicate balancing act, between being too loose and “anything goes” and keeping things tightly controlled like an angry general.  Sometimes one style can lead to […]

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When is picky eating a problem?

It is normal for toddlers to go through a phase where they are fussy about food. It often goes along with a healthy desire to assert their independence from us at around 18 and 24 months. If extremely selective or restricted eating carries on for an extended period of time […]

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Supporting your child with sleep

Sleep is amazing, it helps our immune systems and supports our bodies to rebuild and repair. It even allows our minds to process information we have gathered through the day and is therefore a critical part of learning and memory.   It can be a big source of worry for […]

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