June 30, 2020

A Pathway to Mental Health for New Parents

I feel motivated to offer something to the world that people might not know that they need until they are already in the thick of their struggle. When feelings of overwhelm and confusion have built up exacerbated by the exhaustion caused by broken sleep. Your sense of self wavers as you pour your heart and soul into caring for a little bundle warm and sweet like bread fresh from the bakery. Whose sparkling eyes that you could melt into.


It wavers because no one seems to care or understand the love you feel or that the strength and skill you need to parent well go far beyond the most difficult day at work. No one notices and it never seems to end. Your heart breaks because you hoped for something better, thought somehow that you would be better and find it easier.


I want to help people to have a different experience of early parenthood.


There is an opportunity during pregnancy to transform, to make a shift away from having and into being. To consciously let go of the version of ourselves which existed before we were parents, strengthening our core sense of self and bringing with us only that which feels most essential.


Pregnancy and birth can be experienced as a kind of initiation rite. Consciously entering into a sense of loss and confusion. Allowing ourselves to make friends with the discomfort or at times sheer terror this creates. In doing so we can find the resilience we need to fully embrace the challenges of parenthood.



To experience more fully the moments of intense beauty, the love which borders on pain, the experience of caring for another beyond yourself.


Sometimes I find it difficult to explain to people what I am offering. It is something like this: I will guide you on a journey into a life that feels full and rich. Where you can keep finding your way back into a deep sense of connection and attunement with your child. Live your purpose and find a life that works for you and your family.


When you learn how to nurture connections with those that you are closest to the structure of your brain actually changes. Becomes more integrated. Joy and calm become your set point, an expected part of the everyday.


Here is a space to start this journey:

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