My background of working in traveling circus taught me how to be brave, physically strong and adaptable. This experience gave me the resilience I needed to rise to the challenges of the path ahead. 

During the third trimester of my pregnancy I split up with my partner of ten years. This, along with my, at that point, undiagnosed mental health struggles, meant that my journey into parenting was not easy.  The overwhelming love I felt for my son, however, motivated me to begin the unpicking, unraveling and rebuilding of myself so that I could parent well. 

This is why I’m here, to encourage you to get comfortable with yourself so that you can be alongside your child in all of their joy and struggles. There is no such thing as perfect parenting but I hope the guidance I give you will help you to discern what really matters and where you can let go. 


Nina Bambrey certified parenting coach -performing acrobatics in woods

Nina is a certified parenting coach, author and researcher. Part way through a PhD looking at the role of adult attachment and attunement in child well being. She has a background in Steiner education which helped her to find joy and creativity in her own parenting journey. Being a mother has been an incredibly rewarding experience for her and given her a deep sense of wonder and respect for children. Helping others parent joyfully is her mission!

Reshaping Education - Family Workshop

We have all been shaped by our education in ways that we might not recognise. This workshop is a chance for us to vision together and find ways to co-create the future we would love for our children.

I offer tailored one to one support to parents via a weekly hour long session either online or at my home in Bristol.

In the parenting coaching sessions we will take a deeper look at the areas you are struggling with to find the root cause. I will support you to create actionable solutions which work for you and your child.

Prepare for the amazing adventure of parenting. Using the latest research I will help you to navigate the myriad of choices you face as a new parent with personalised parenting coaching.

I offer tailored one to one support to parents via a weekly hour long session either online or at my home in Bristol.

My book

Spirited: A creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting