Your children don't need perfect they just need you!

Parenting can be so hard. We all need a little extra help sometimes! I’m Nina, a certified parenting coach and mum of a teen. Through my training and first hand experience I can help you with the things we all quietly struggle with. 

I can support you with the practical problems of parenting, for example, making mornings/bedtimes easier, handling your teenager’s mood swings, what to do about temper tantrums, challenges at school, screen addiction or anything that might be causing struggle.

I offer a safe and non-judgemental space for you to receive support

How I can help

I offer tailored one to one support to parents via a weekly hour long session either online or at my home in Bristol.

In the sessions we will take a deeper look at the areas you are struggling with to find the root cause. I will support you to create actionable solutions which work for you and your child.

Prepare for the amazing adventure of parenting. Using the latest research I will help you to navigate the myriad of choices you face as a new parent.

I offer a three hour session as a home visit in South West England for couples to create a vision for the kind of parents they would love to become.

Some helpful hints and tips on a range of topics related to family life.

Advice to help you understand your child better, communicate so that they listen and find solutions to tricky situations. 

Topics include sleep, emotional regulation, conflict and screen use.

A strong relationship with a main caregiver is the foundation of life long health and resilience. Coaching can help your relationship with your child at any stage:

• easier mornings and bedtimes
• understand and support your tween and teen through hormonal changes and life pressures
• support with sleep and food issues
• help for school refusers
• learn to emotionally regulate together

My 12-week peaceful parenting programme consists of 1 hour-long coaching session, plus 1 to 2 hours worth of materials to look at in your own time every week and email support in between sessions.

The full course costs £1200

Single sessions available at £120 per hour

The 4-week programme will help you to prepare for the amazing adventure of parenting. Using the latest research I will help you to navigate the myriad of choices you face as a new parent.

We will look at:
your shifting identity as a new parent
staying well in the early days
breast feeding, co-sleeping baby wearing
how to parent compassionately

Get family life off to a great start! The programme costs £400 per couple and includes a copy of my book, Spirited.

Take a look at my blog for lots of tips, guidance and advice on all things surrounding parenting and the struggles we may face.

View Nina's latest book:

Spirited: a creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting

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