Your children don't need perfect, they just need you!
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Parenting through divorce or separation
I can help you to place your child’s wellbeing at the heart of this transition.
Parenting through divorce or separation
Pregnancy and baby
Learn how to bond effectively with your baby and communicate with them through touch, sound and eye contact.
Pregnancy and baby
Children and toddlers (2-8)
Your well being is key to your child’s well being. Take a deeper look at ways to support this and overcome self sabotage.
Children and toddlers
Tweens and teens (9-18)
I offer parents tips and tools to stay engaged and in tune with their teenager while giving them the space they need to find themselves.
tweens and teens
Live Online Parenting Course
Get a Level 1 Parenting Certificate with my 4-week online parenting course for just £40.
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Journey Into Parenting - Parent Advice & Support Bristol

Parenting can be so hard. We all need a little extra help sometimes! Parent coaching can deepen the bond with your children.

Divorce and separation can be tough. Find out how to support your children through it with compassion and care. I offer a safe and supportive space for you to process your feelings about the relationship breakdown so that you are ready to create a new life with your child/children.

It is natural to have worries and questions about introducing a new partner. I can help you to place your child’s wellbeing at the heart of this transition.

Parenting is hard and children don’t come with a manual. Parents often come to me because their child is struggling with meltdowns, having a hard time fitting in at school, hitting or struggling around anxiety or food.

Parent coaching can help. Whatever you are going through I can teach you the skills to support your child more effectively. 

The transition from childhood to adolescence can feel monumental! With all of the physiological changes, new drives and impulses and added life pressures it can be easy for parents to feel afraid of losing connection with their teen.

With parent coaching, I offer tips and tools to stay engaged and in tune with their teenager while giving them the space they need to find themselves.

Happy children racing

Find out more about my affordable four-week online parenting course, which covers a range of topics, including regulating emotions, peaceful communication, setting boundaries, using play in parenting, development stages and intention-setting.

Parent and child's hands holding a heart - representing Parent Coaching in Bristol

Some helpful hints and tips on a range of topics related to family life.

Advice to help you understand your child better, communicate so that they listen and find solutions to tricky situations. 

An insight into how my parent coaching covers lots of different areas of support. Topics include sleep, emotional regulation, conflict and screen use.

Parenting Workbooks

Parenting Workbooks on various parenting topics, such as building resilience, mastering emotions and managing screen time use.

Nina Bambrey certified parenting coach -performing acrobatics in woods

Hi I’m Nina, and I am a certified parenting coach, author and researcher and a mum of a teen. Through my training and first hand experience I can help you with the things we all quietly struggle with.

I can support you with the practical problems of parenting, for example, making mornings/bedtimes easier, handling your teenager’s mood swings, what to do about temper tantrums, challenges at school, screen addiction or anything that might be causing struggle.

I offer a safe and non-judgemental space for you to receive support.

My background of working in a traveling circus taught me how to be brave, physically strong and adaptable. This experience gave me the resilience I needed to rise to the challenges of the path ahead.

Helping others parent joyfully is my mission!

View Nina's latest book:

Spirited: a creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting

Spirited book by Nina Bambrey - Parent Coaching in Bristol

Parent Coaching

What parents are saying

Get support with your journey into parenting today. How can parent coaching help you?

I am offering a parenting course, starting this Sunday at 8pm. It is an opportunity to receive some support in a small group. £40 for the full course which takes place weekly via google meet. Click here to book:

Shyness can result from your child’s way of perceiving the world. In their imagination some people might seem a little frightening, especially at first. Social situations or visiting another person’s house can feel overwhelming. Shy behaviour, such as hiding or staying quiet in the hope no-one ...will notice you is your child’s way of protecting themselves.

Children can appear shy for a variety of reasons. There may be a genetic component. Some children are more sensitive and easily overwhelmed than others. Some of us may be shy because we grew up with harsh and critical parents. This could result in us role modelling shy behaviour for our children - if this is the case perhaps you need support around your own shyness.

Receiving guidance and encouragement in childhood can make a big difference and help lay strong foundations for the future.

Read my latest blog post to find out how you can support your child:

You might be wondering how to raise polite and
co-operative humans without punishments?
Many of the people I work with had strict upbringings with parents or teachers who used shaming and blaming tactics to control behaviour. Unfortunately strict parenting leaves scars. Often clients are ...afraid of repeating their parent's behaviour but find that their home life becomes chaotic: They find themselves shouting and feeling horrible about it.

What can you do instead?

Read my latest article to find out: